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Blepharoplasty: Information And General Pricing

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty or eyelift, is a medical process to remove excess skin, fat or muscle from your lower or upper eyelids. So, after finding your own surgeon, be sure to also know the cost of the surgery. But, keep in mind that the cost of upper eyelid surgery from Dr. Naveen Somia is one of the most affordable ones in the world of cosmetic surgery.

Why do people get eyelid surgery?

While this surgery is usually done for cosmetic purposes, sometimes it is also powerful for your sight, as it can clear your vision if you have heavy sagging upper eyelids. However, an eye lift is not able to remove the dark circles, facial wrinkles and crow’s feet. This is why, it is often done with other procedures on the side, such as the filler injections, laser resurfacing and forehead lifts.

The eyelid aging process

As your skin ages, it will lose its elasticity, and with the lack of elasticity and the constant pull of gravity, it can cause the excessive skin to collect on the lower and upper eyelids. The excess skin on the upper eyelids can cause an extra fold of the skin, as it can get in the way of your vision, while the extra skin on your lower eyelids will usually cause bulges and wrinkles.

Everyone will eventually reach such a state

Who is a great candidate for an eyelid surgery?

The people who are in good health and they have realistic expectations are the ones who will make the best candidates for eyelid surgery. While most surgeries like these are done on 35 years or older, if you have droopy or baggy eyelids in your family, you might come in much earlier.

This is something that you should do for yourself

With a good eyelid surgery, you will be able to enhance your appearance, which will also help you build your confidence. But, keep in mind that it may not result in the look you had in mind as it will not change your facial structure. This is why before having the surgery, you should have a long talk with your doctor.

How is eyelid surgery performed

An eyelid surgery will usually take about two hours if you are having a combined surgery for both eyelids. Your surgeon will probably use the local anesthesia with oral sedation. If your procedure is done at a surgical center or a hospital, you are probably going to receive IV sedation.

When having all of your eyelids done, your surgeon will start with the upper lids first. Along the natural lines of your eyelids, the surgeon will make a cut, and through them, your skin will be separated from the underlying tissue, while removing the excess skin and fat. After that, the cut will be closed with tiny stitches.

The usual costs

You should know the cost of the surgery before it actually happens, and this will all be presented to you by your doctor. In Australia, the cost of upper or lower eyelid surgery is between $2.500 and 4.000, while the cost of combined surgeries will be between $4.500 and 8.000.

Final word

The most important thing to know about cosmetic eyelid surgery is that it is something that should be done for you, and not for somebody else. In addition, the lower eyelid surgery cost from Dr. Naveen Somia in Sydney is more than affordable, which is another great reason to visit Dr. Naveen Somia if you are in that region.

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