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Can Richfeel’s Hair Treatment cure your Body Dysmorphic Disorder due to Baldness?

Almost every person has something that he or she does not like. It can be a bald head, crooked nose, small or large eyes, uneven smile or even large ears. Though we hate these imperfections, they generally do not interfere in our day-to-day lives. However, there are some people who suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD which causes pseudo-imperfection related stress. Such patients spend hours every day thinking about such imperfections which most of us do not even bother about. Most commonly BDD presents itself due to Hair Loss, premature greying of hair, eczema etc.

These patients are unable to control the negative thoughts related to their appearance and often do not believe if someone says that they look fine. These thoughts often cause emotional stress and interfere in daily life. It can happen to people of any age and most of such patients isolate them from the rest of the world even from family and close friends. In adverse cases, the patients do not even hesitate to go under the knife to get that “perfect” look through hair transplant, plastic surgery.

The characteristics of BDD

The patients who are suffering from BDD can dislike one or multiple parts of their body including hair, nose, ears, eyes, stomach, thighs, legs, arms etc. The defects that they can ‘see’ are non-existent in reality. BDD mostly develops at an early age, especially in adolescents and teens. It affects women more than men especially when the imperfection is hair related.

Symptoms of BDD

The patients having BDD have an obsession about their appearance and they can spend hours thinking about the unreal imperfections. They avoid leaving the house and getting social with friends and family. The patients try to cover the imperfections with different methods.

Is it treatable?

At Richfeel, the doctors work extensively on the hair health of the patient and make sure that there are no visible bald patches or any abnormality on the scalp. In case the doctor finds any bald spot or any other issue with the hair, treatment is suggested to cure the problem.

BDD is a physiological issue in which the patient amplifies the problem in his or her head to an extent that it becomes difficult to indulge in common tasks. The main aim of the doctor is to give proper counseling to the patient so that he or she understands that even though there might be some visible problem, the mind is playing games by showing it in much larger perspective.

In the case of bald patches, the doctor suggests camouflage or hair restoration depending on the situation. The treatment entirely depends on the condition of the patient thus the treatment is custom tailored for every individual. The doctor also prescribes simple amino acids which work wonders in controlling stress related to BDD.

The main aim of the doctor is to help the patient to come out of the shell and think positive about the appearance. Hair and scalp related BDD are entirely curable and the expert doctors at Richfeel have helped hundreds of patients in the past few years to get back on the right track.


The treatment is found to be very effective and people have given positive mentions about Richfeel Hair Treatment across the internet.

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