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Dental Implants Can Improve Your Self-Confidence and Awareness

Nobody likes to lose his or her teeth, but it happens to far too many of us on annual basis. You might have been the victim of a traumatic mouth injury, or simply the victim of poor gums that have tooth decay through the years. Whatever the reason might be, you may have lost your self-confidence as a result of teeth that are chipped, stained beyond repair, or missing. That can all be reversed with the wonder of dental implants, such as those found at New Teeth Dental Solutions.

Avoid Bridges or Dentures

Many people are aware of bridges and dentures to help replace missing teeth. Dental implants, however, are almost always a more viable option. They not only provide a more natural look, but there are fewer complications down the road to worry about. With dentures and bridges, bone loss will continue to take place throughout the jaw. This is a result of the teeth that you have lost. With dental implants, however, your bone structure will actually be enhanced. Another benefit is that implants are secured to your gum line just like natural teeth. However, bridges and dentures tend to shift at the most inopportune of moment, such as when eating dinner out with friends.

Visiting Your Dentist

When you need an implant, your dentist will perform a type of minor surgery that just makes use of local anesthesia. This is similar to when you have a filling or tooth extraction performed. It is not necessary to go under, which is a major relief to many patients. There will be some titanium posts that will be secured to your jawbone. You will then wait a couple of months to heal from that, after which time your dental impacts will be made and ready to replace the teeth you have long considered lost.


Many people worry that dental implants are much more difficult to take care of than natural teeth. The reality is that they can be treated just like the teeth you were born with. With proper brushing and flossing, others will never be able to even notice that you had implant surgery in the first place. You do, however, need to exercise proper oral care in order to avoid the type of gum disease that could cause your implants severe problems down the road.

Improve Your Self-Confidence Today

Dental implants are a great option for the vast majority of people today who have lost their teeth, or have a few teeth that are chipped and damage beyond repair. You no longer have to hide your smile. With dental implants, you will be eating and drinking with friends just like you use to. This is not always with the case with dentures, as many issues can arise down the road with that particular treatment option.

With dental implants will come increase self-confidence. You will feel better about your oral health and you will feel freer to go out and do everything you wish to accomplish in life.

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