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Difference Between Physiotherapy And Podiatry

Some people tend to confuse the two, while others do not even know how podiatry and physiotherapy are related. When you are injured, it is very important that you have the proper treatment, and there are many types of foot treatments today. If you are still looking for your podiatrist, you should just contact ModPod Podiatry and ask for information.

What is podiatry?

Podiatrists are usually seen as doctors for our feet and they should be the first one you call if you have any kind of feet problems. The job of a podiatrist is to take care of the pain in your feet, whether the pain is in the bone or muscle.

A podiatrist will help you with your feet pain and injuries

They will also help you with any other feet-related problems; for example, blisters, hard skin or calluses. Other problems that involve feet or any lower extremities, it is always a safe bet to search help from a podiatrist. Other than that, a podiatrist can always recommend the appropriate shoes for your feet and what can help you with forms of pain, such as ankle pain.


You must have already heard about orthotics, but if you have not those are types of shoe inserts or helpers that can adjust the way we walk, correct our feet and ease the pain. Orthotics can be bought at any drug store, but you also have the ones that are custom-made for just one person. They will provide the padding as their structure will be tailored to only your feet while they relieve the pain.

Since your feet pain problems can be solved as easy as just having orthotics in your shoes, you should not delay that visit to a podiatrist. The chances are that a podiatrist will recommend the ones that suit you, so make sure you schedule for regular visits, especially if you are an athlete. However, you might actually require physiotherapy, and in that case, visit physiotherapy Sydney like ModPod Podiatry.

What is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists cover a huge portion of problems and they are not only focused in that one area of our body, like a podiatrist. They will help you with all kinds of injuries, disabilities or illness, with a big range of treatments. These treatments include exercise, movement, manual therapy, advice, and education.

A physiotherapist does not only focus on your feet and can help you heel other parts of your body

Different techniques of treatment:

– Manual therapy techniques. Here they will use their hands and help relieve stiffness and muscle pain while stimulating the flow of your blood in that area and helping with recovery.

– Movement and exercise. You will have a list of exercises that will help improve your injury, and they will consider your current health and lifestyle as well.

– Other techniques can include acupuncture, cold and heat therapy and ultrasound.

Which one?

Should you go to a podiatrist or a physiotherapist is up to your injury and you. The only important thing here is that you seek help overall. Don’t avoid the inevitable, as sooner or later the pain that feels like simple stinging might turn quite severe and you may be unable to walk.

Final word

People who lead active lives or athletes should already know how important their feet are and how important it is to take care of them. If you spend more than half of your day on your feet, it is quite possible that you will develop some foot condition and if you do not ignore the symptoms it can easily be treated at the podiatrist or physiotherapist.

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