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Does Laurabolin help Bodybuilding?

Laurabolin also referred to nandrolone laurate is a common anabolic androgenic steroid. The drug is relatively gentle in terms of being a steroid, and also having anabolic and androgenic properties. This steroid is injectable and gives moderate anabolic results and tissue-building. Bodybuilders have used it for long and received benefits.

The laurabolin injections provide low androgenic hormonal characteristics for in both male and female. The components don’t need daily requirement, and medically you are recommended to take in every 3 or 4 weeks. Unsurprisingly, fitness enthusiasts use the injection more frequently for faster effect.

What Is Laurabolin?

The older drug of nandrolone laurate was commonly known to have an animal grade and was a veterinary treatment steroid. However, it was 1960s when it was first used on humans. Cats, horses and cattle were given this drug for improving physique, malnutrition and to treat anemia. The brand of Laurabolin is a common brand name to the drug, but rarely found in USA.

Dosage Recommendations

It is tough to provide the right dosage for Laurabolin bodybuilding or other brands for nandrolone laurate, as it is not recommended in USA and some more countries for human use. Some underground labs provide this drug through 20 mg per milliliter or 50 mg per milliliter vials. These are usually oil-based solutions but differ according to the manufacturers. The best Laurabolin cycle depends on your target. Men usually start with 200 mg for 7-10 days, but can take up 600 mg with care. Nandrolone Laurate half-life stays for about 18 days.

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Where to Buy?

The sale of Laurabolin is not common anymore, but you can find them in some European countries. When people use animal graded steroids for human use, they have to be aware of the probable side effects. Even terms like gentle or mild can get risky. If you take to account the information added in bodybuilding websites, you will find multiple dosages taken by people. Some male bodybuilders choose 100 mg for 2 weeks, while some only take for 10 days.

Side Effects

Although Laurabolin is low in estrogenic activities, women should be cautious before using it. They are prone to get masculine side effects with this drug. Even if you stop injecting the drug, it will not reverse the side effects.

Common conditions faced by women are:

  • Growth of hair on body and face
  • Deepening of voice
  • Larger clitoris
  • Hindered menstrual
  • Lack of menstrual
  • Change in skin texture and condition

The side effects of laurabolin are similar to the effects of anabolic androgenic steroid. These affect both men and women. Some to mention are:

  • Suppression of natural testosterone
  • Fluctuating levels of cholesterol
  • Potential priapism

The laurabolin injections, just like any other steroids, have to be taken under the supervision of physician. You need thorough check up to know if you are eligible to use the medication or now attempt at all. Finally, you need proper exercise and diet to make your bodybuilding regime healthier.


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