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Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems

Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems are some of the common problems that are faced by men with their reproductive system. To understand what erection is and itsimportance is the main question. Erection is when a man’s penis gets firm and hard that allows him to have sexual intercourse with his partner. If a man is unable to get an erection or maintain an erection, that is called as erectile dysfunction. Whereas, ejaculation on the other hand is when there is an act of ejecting semen from the penis. There are several problems with ejaculation as well that come under the problem of erection issues.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectiledysfunction is a common sexual problem among males that includes maintenance of keeping a penis hard for a while, inability to get an erection at all and most of all reduction in sexual libido. There are various reasons that could cause erectile dysfunction problems such as stress, anxiety, fear, partner problems, mental problems, physiological problems, physical problems, emotional problems, being overweight, excess consumption of alcohol, drugs and smoking, change in diet, lifestyle etc.

Complications in erectile dysfunction problems result in embarrassment in front of your partner, low self-esteem and most of all an unsatisfactory sex life. So it is important to figure out what is the actual cause of the problem and get it treated in no time. There are various treatments to erection problems such as change in life style, losing weight, getting medication injected to penis, vacuum shots and consumption of Kamagra tablet that helps in getting you a quality erection for hours.

Ejaculation Problems

The time from starting intimacy to finally ejaculating depends on the individuals system which is known as ejaculatory latency time. There are 3 main issues that are related to ejaculation problems.

·         Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is often referred to as in other words as short ejaculatory latency time. In easy language, a man ejaculates pretty soon than a usual man should in actual during a sexual intercourse. The short ejaculatory latency time in premature ejaculation usually consists of 30 seconds of initiation of sexualintimacy. The question that arises is how is premature ejaculation an issue? Well, these conditions canaffect the males ability to satisfy their sexual partners for long term relationships. Hence, premature ejaculation is one of the most common ejaculation problems.

·         Delayed Ejaculation

This is the condition totally opposite to that of premature ejaculation where there is long ejaculatory latency time. The male experience a long delay before being able to ejaculate while having a sexual intercourse. Worst scenario is where a man is not able to ejaculate at all despite having a normal erection. Physical and psychological problems are reasons why delayed ejaculation occurs in a person.

·         RetrogradeEjaculation

Premature and delayed ejaculation are the most common types of problems that are faced by men, however, retrograde ejaculation is rare. Retrograde ejaculation is that type of ejaculation problem where the semen is moves backwards towards the bladder rather than moving forward toward the urethra. The main symptom that can help you identify retrograde ejaculation in a man is when there is a cloudy urine released after sexual intercourse.


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