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FBI dealing with identity theft

FBI is one of the most reputed investigating agencies in USA and most of the major and complex investigations of the USA are handed over to the FBI. Identity theft is one of the major frauds happening in the USA today and these cases of identity theft are best handled by the FBI.

Identity theft is one of the major criminal activities happening in a particular country and is also a danger causing a threat to the security of a country. FBI has dealt with identity theft even before as the criminal have been involved in faking identities for quite some time. But the scams these days are much more sophisticated and the threats much more pervasive because of the presence of the internet.

The congress has brought in two laws in order to deal with this identity theft and if you want to know more about these laws then given below are the details of the two laws discussed in details:

  • The 1998 Identity theft and the assumption Deterrence Act which has amended the title 18 of the US Code, section 1028. It states that it is a federal crime to knowingly use the identification of another person for dealing with some fraudulent activities
  • The 2004 identity theft penalty enhancement act states that if a person uses the identity of another person for dealing with felony crimes including immigration violations, theft of the social security benefits and also the acts of another person.

Since the identity thefts can lead to a lot of criminal activities, these cases are often dealt by the FBI. If a person complains that someone else is using his identity to perform some illegal actions, then the FBI makes sure that they are able to investigate the case properly and produce proper investigation reports in the court.

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