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Gym Equipment Safety Tips for Avoiding Personal Injury

The quest to attain good health and perfect physique is never ending, so you must do everything within capability to ensure a serious injury doesn’t come in the way. Your goal is to keep fit; not suffer from a sprain, fracture, or broken bones. But when we look at the statistics of Gym -related injuries, it becomes quite clear that many people put safe practices on the back-burner.

So today we’re going to tell you about a few valuable gym equipment safety tips for avoiding injury.

General equipment safety tips

Whether you prefer to work out at home or a member of a fitness club, knowing how to handle the equipment properly can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Since misuse and overuse of equipment are considered to be one of the most common causes of injuries, keep the following safety tips in mind on your next workout:

  • Always test before you buy equipment for use at home or the gym
  • Before using any equipment check for loose screws or nuts on the machine
  • If for any reason the equipment jerks while in motion or rattles, stop using it immediately
  • Never forget to unplug any electronic device when it’s not in use
  • Check the condition of the weight machine cables to ensure they’re not damaged or frayed
  • Always buy gym equipment that is covered by warranty, especially those running on electric

How does having a spotter or a gym buddy help?

Exercise bikes, treadmills, and weight machines all come with moving parts and the risk of pinching your fingers and toes are very high if you aren’t paying attention. Just like going on a hike by yourself in the wilderness is not a good idea, working out alone at the gym is also discouraged. You should always have a gym buddy or staff present in the case of any health emergency or injury.

Having a spotter while using the Squat rack or the bench is a must as these exercises put you at the risk of being crushed by weights if you’re not careful. If you suffer any injury because of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation, in which case you should contact a personal injury attorney how they may be able to help you.

Having a friend at the gym is useful not only with equipment but also for encouraging each other to breathe properly, drink in appropriate intervals, and maintain proper form. All of these reasons can help you steer clear of personal injuries that are rather common in gyms around the world.

Form over weights

One of the common causes of injury happens to be people doing exercises in the incorrect form or lifting too heavy. Don’t be one of these people; always be attention to your form first then gradually increase the weights as your body gets used to the increased stress. Also, don’t be shy to ask or offer help to others at the gym.

Remember, proper form always wins over lifting heavy weights incorrectly, in terms of both muscle buildup and avoiding injury.

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