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HONEST Reviews of Pituitary Growth Hormone For Sale

When we consider development and growth in the human body, pituitary hormones and pituitary gland take the sole responsibility in it. The release, production, and the function of majority of the hormones are handled by endocrine system in the body. Endocrinology is nothing but the functions performed by glands including secretion of hormones to the blood stream. Pituitary gland is one among the glands which are present in this endocrine system.

How Are Deficiencies Identified?

There are many tests which are conducted to identify the deficiency like arginine testing methods, insulin tolerance test, GH provocation test, GH stimulation test. Other than this one can also follow visual assessment or physical examination to identify the deficiency.

To measure the growth hormone level in the blood stream stimulation test is followed. This is done after giving a medication which helps in triggering the growth hormone. Normal value for determining either deficiency or adequate level of GH is

  • Sub normal: 5 ng / mL
  • Intermediate – 5 to 10 ng per ml
  • Normal peak value- min10 ng per mL

It is important to discuss the results with doctor since the there will be slightly difference in the average levels for different individuals and different laboratories. As an individual age, there will be reduction in the production of natural growth hormone by the pituitary gland.

Deficiency: A complete knowhow

Compared to peers there will be slower development in children when the body is not producing enough amount of pituitary growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. So the children will experience stunned development since there is a deficiency of naturally synthesized growth hormone.

If the growth hormone is in excessive level then there will be more growth in the child compared to his peers. As an individual age, there will be reduction in natural synthesis of growth hormone. But GH will be present. As an individual grow to adulthood, growth hormone starts focusing on maintenance, rejuvenation, and repair of number of body tissues.

As an individual age if he finds that there is no adequate amount of GH then he can rely on supplements to balance the hormone levels and through this he will be able to promote health and wellness.

The Cycle options for GH:

To enhance the synthesis and through which to increase the level of GH in the body, the better option is injections. More than 2 dozen drugs are in the market which helps in mimicking or stimulating the functions of human growth hormone in the body. But when it comes to injections they are considered as prescription only treatments which must be taken with the monitoring of a physician. Depending on the duration of the treatments these can be really expensive.

But one should also remember that there are safe, legal and natural ways to improve HGH levels in the body. One of them is using dietary supplements. Before going for supplements an individual should do a research on ingredients which are usually present and the brands.

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