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How Can You Keep Fake Urine Warm

Did you know that temperature is one of the primary indicators used by drug testing authorities in confirming the validity of a urine sample? Normally, urine temperature should be about 96.6 Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius for a drug test to be valid.

Urine temperature changes depending on its surrounding environment. This only indicates the significance of it for drug testing. Samples can be discolored or destroyed when not properly maintained, since urine color is changed when left at cold temperature. This is why keeping urine warm is advisable if it is used for a drug test.

How can you keep the synthetic urine warm and at the right temperature? Note the following guidelines then:

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  1.    Use hand warmers. These small packs can emit heat during up to 10 hours. Just wrap a hand warmer around a container with the sample, attach the elastic bands, then leave it. Test its temperature with a temperature strip first before submitting it to a drug test. Just be reminded that the work of hand warmers may differ from each other. There are warmers that warm faster than the others, but cool down in few hours as well. Hand warmers maintaining the steady heat of 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit are considered the best.
  2.    Body heat. Use your body heat to warm up the sample. You may just keep the bottle of synthetic urine close to your body until you submit it for a test to make sure it does not lose the right temperature. Males seemed to generate more heat near their genitals, so it is great for them to place it there. Females are advised to warm the sample under their armpits and also in their genitals when necessary. There are also women who prefer to put it inside their bras.
  3.    Microwave. Put the sample in the microwave and leave it no more than 10 seconds, otherwise it will be too hot and will be destroyed. Get a temperature strip to check if it is usable already. However, microwave heating is very risky, because the sample can be damaged when not properly heated, which may only lead to its rejection.

Oftentimes, synthetic urine providers already provide thermometers on the outside of their bottle showing the exact temperature of the sample. This will let you know whether you need to heat it or not. Better brands may offer you with everything to ensure that you pass the test including heating pad, rubber band, bladder belt etc.

Synthetic urine now becomes more and more popular as it works very well in helping anyone pass a drug screening. You just have to carefully follow all the associated instructions to do this. Ignoring these instructions may only cause you fail the test and eventually lose your job. Of course, you don’t want this to happen, but don’t worry. It is actually impossible for a laboratory to understand that the urine being tested is fake, when it is rightly used.


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