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How outdoor conditions can increase personal injuries

When someone trips, it usually means that their foot will strike an unseen obstacle near the ground that will cause the body’s center of gravity to be thrown off balance, and result in a face forward fall.  Slips are commonly the result of the foot sliding forward, and the person may fall on their back and increase the risk of banging their head on a hard surface.

Winter months bring with it snow and dangerous icy outdoor conditions, where slip and fall injuries are common.  Laws do not require property owners to remove snow and ice from their property, but they may likely be held responsible, if an injury occurs on their property due to lack of safe conditions.  It is in the best interest of the property owner to promptly and effectively removed snow and ice from their property, for the safety of their patrons and employees.  This proper property maintenance should limit the potential of property owners from lawsuits that may occur due to personal injuries on their property.

Let’s say for instance that ice accumulates on a rooftop, melts, water drips to the sidewalk and refreezes.  If someone slips, falls, and gets injured due to this ice, the property owner may be held liable for personal injury damages.   In the same manner, if puddles form in cracks in the pavement and freeze, the property owner may also be responsible for personal injuries, if someone is injured due to these dangerous outdoor conditions.

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Slips, trips, and falls also commonly occur outside in poorly lit areas.  Without adequate lighting, people can easily trips over curbs, miss a step, or step into a hole in the sidewalk.  Yellow painted parking lines, especially near entrances may increase visibility for visitors.  If the property owner knows (or should have known) about the potential dangers, and did not take proper safety measures to rectify the situation, they may be held liable for personal injuries.

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An owner of a parking lot, for instance, should take action to keep the area safe for pedestrians.  This includes filling in cracks in the pavement and repairing damage caused by tress or other debris.  In addition, it is strongly advised that entrances that are exposed be covered, to reduce the potential for dangerous ice from forming and patrons slipping on rain water, as well as tracking these slippery outdoor conditions into your establishment.

Are you aware that close to three million individuals are sent to the emergency room for injuries due to outdoor slips and falls?  In fact, one out of every five falls, result in broken bones (the wrist, ankle, arm, leg and hips are the most common broken bones due to falls).

According to research, even if a person is not injured during a fall, they may become fearful of falling again. This may cause a person to reduce their outdoor activities, and in turn, have a lower quality of life due to indoor confinement.

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