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Lose body weight by changing your life style

Every man and woman wishes to have the ideal figure which should be like his or her super star but people are not ready to make changes in their life style. They want to have best of both the worlds. They want to have idealistic figure without making any significant change in their life style. One has to understand that making change in the metabolic activities is a holistic process. You cannot leave anything and gain desired result. You can go for Healthy Weight Loss by following holistic approach and following changes in your lifestyle.

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How to lose weight without endangering your health?

  • The very first step to lose weight is to avoid high calorie food which is rich in sugar. This type of food increases the production of insulin. It is surprising to know that insulin is the hormone which stores maximum amount of fat. Thus, diet which is low in high carbohydrate food decreases the production of insulin. Thus, the fat stored by the insulin is released by the body resulting in the lowering of the fat content of the body. Lowering of insulin sheds extra sodium and water which reduces extra water weight and bloat from the body.
  • Your food should include each item from protein, low carbohydrate and a fat source. All this forms a complete food.
  • You should include plenty of water in your diet. Water reduces the urge to eat food and supplements for food.
  • A good diet supplemented with 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary to make the weight reduction plan to become successful.

A good diet followed by ample water at night must be followed by rigorous cardio and stretching exercises which could be learned from www.onthegofitnesspro.com which provides complete group of cardio and stretching exercises to make the weight reduction program a success.

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