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Sexual Problems in Obese Men

Sexual dysfunction is often attributed to obesity, and they both can ruin sex life. Find out why it is necessary to take control of weight to regain libido with a wide array of medicinal treatments offered by Best-pharmacy.net.

Erectile dysfunction. Obesity can cause ED by damaging blood vessels, decreasing testosterone and inciting inflammation. Damage to blood vessels can be done by obesity associated hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia and inflammation, all of which contribute to ED. Moreover, increased inflammation may cause free radicals proliferation that inflicts oxidative damage to tissues.

Low libido.  Appropriate levels of testosterone warrant stable erections and a healthy sex drive.  When there is too much belly fat, the testosterone level is affected. In men, the abdominal fat also converts testosterone to estrogen disrupting proper hormonal balance. Since the hormonal balance may not be affected quickly by losing weight, there may be a need to buy generic drugs online in the form of gel, pills or patches.

Stamina. It is essential to sustain sexual performance in bed. Physical inactivity and being obese decreases sexual performance, leading to issues like trouble getting aroused, premature ejaculation or troubles attaining orgasm.

Sex position. Sex positions demand a lot of energy and the work of different muscle groups. Being overweight or obese deprives you of the opportunity to try different sex positions and enjoy a rich and diverse sex life.

Psychological fallout. Being obese places psychological obstacles between a man and his sex life. Men can experience depressed mood, decreased energy and performance anxiety. All these factors can further inhibit a man’s ability and desire for satisfying sexual life.

So, if your BMI is greater than 30, you are at risk for sexual dysfunction. The good news is that by losing weight you can avoid many sexual problems and improve erectile function in many instances.

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