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Sildenafil – Used for treating erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is very common among the people of age group of 40 years and above. This is rare but this problem also persists in the teenagers. Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction are smoking, obesity, improper lifestyle, consumption of alcohol and in the research it is also found that one of the causes of ED is diabetes. In market, there are numbers of medicines for impotency but most effective drug for Ed is Sildenafil. This drug was mainly made for the cure of hypertension but later it was used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Why is it mostly preferred by the doctors?

It is mostly recommended by the doctors as it is an active element of Viagra. The main work of these pills is that it allows the blood movement to the penis. This medicine should be taken before 30 minutes of your sexual intercourse. The dose of one pill in 24hrs is only allowed unless the doctor prescribes for more.  Some of the uses of the drugs are as follows:

  • Always take the doses of the drugs as per the instruction of the doctors.
  • If you miss the dose then consume the dose as soon as you remember it and also don’t skip the drug doses.
  • While taking the drugs you should stop drinking and smoking as it could be very problematic for your health.
  • This drug is also taken for curing the pulmonary hypertension disease.

While taking the medication if you feel any unusual reaction by your body then firstly consult your doctor but some side effects like joint pain and headache are very common. Some other benefits of this drug are that it prevents you from the pain in the genital part while having the sexual intercourse. It also helps in increasing the duration of the intercourse and also increases your stamina.

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