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Super Colour Glasses – Enhance Your View

Everyone loves a good pair of sunglasses, don’t they? They look great (if you choose the right one), can enhance your face shape, compliment your outfit and all whilst protecting your eyes from the nasty effects of UV radiation. Pretty great huh? But what if they could do more, what if they could actually enhance the way you see things, well that would just be plain awesome!

That’s exactly what one sunglasses company is aiming to do, Maui Jim. Founded by Jim Richards back in 1980, they have been making Hawaii-cool sunglasses for many years to help people look the part and protect themselves from the dangerous UV levels at many times of the year in that part. However, new polarizing technologies have allowed Maui Jim to produce a range of different lenses called ‘PolarizedPlus2’ that claim to enhance different elements of your view, and the results look excellent.

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Whilst polarising technology has been around for hundreds of years, new technologies in lens manufacture mean that it can be exploited to a greater effect today than ever before. Only light of certain wavelengths and orientations can be let through, and controlling this in various ways gives you different results. Maui Jim’s sunglasses aim to balance the best of all of these attributes to give you natural colour enhancement and glare reduction, whilst filtering out 100% of UV rays. 4 different tints mean that you can also colour your worldview slightly, making it even more pleasing.

These excellent lenses are available in all styles of their sunglasses, and whilst they don’t quite have the designer appeal of Tom Ford or Calvin Klein sunglasses, there is little question that what you see through them will be far superior, and well worth it if optical superiority is what you are after.

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