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The Face of Retail Marijuana in Canada – MMJ Canada

MMJ Canada supports the use of Medical Marijuana with a sole intention of assisting patients cope up with certain conditions. They understand that when these symptoms do come back, it brings inconvenience because people’s daily activities have boundaries. As much as possible, the organization help make people become watchful of their health. Citizens are encouraged to use products that are medically approved instead of over-the-counter drugs.

MMJ Canada offers numerous products from different species of cannabis:

Cannabis Indica

You know that you are looking at a Cannabis Indica plant when you see its small and stout appearance. These plants are suitable to be cultivated indoors. It is believed to give a higher level of “body highness” compared to Cannabis Sativa. It is known to provide a therapeutic pain relief due to its calming effect and is best used during nighttime. This is typically used for treatment of migraine, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is another form of marijuana that comes from a taller plant that that of Indica. What sets it apart from Indica is that they have no seeds and the leaves appear long, narrow, and pointed. Unlike Cannabis Indica, the Sativa specie is usually grown outdoors. When utilized, it brings its bearer into a euphoric state. It is considered to have a positive effect since it provides patients an ability to cope with mood disorders like depression.


As the name suggests, hybrid forms of marijuana are results of a combination of Indica and Sativa. The aim of this type of marijuana is to produce strains that can achieve the results expected from those two. By using hybrids, MMJ Canada grants every patient with three choices: hybrids with higher scale of Indica, hybrids with higher scale of Sativa, or hybrids that have an equal scale of Indica and Sativa.


Edible forms of marijuana are those that can be ingested. They can be in the form of treats such as cookies or cakes. The culmination of the effects differs on every individual but usually takes place within 45 minute to an hour. Most people that have experienced using edible marijuana enjoy a lengthier state of highness compared to puffed marijuana.


Marijuana concentrates are highly potent THC containing types that have levels of forty to eighty percent. These concentrates have almost the same appearance as butter and honey. People who purchase marijuana concentrates from MMJ Canada and use e-cigarettes or vaporizers to get the level of highness they desire. Others use the dabbing techniques where extracts are vaporized on a warm surface then breathe in through a specialized pipe called an “oil rig”.


Cannabis tinctures are easily distinguished by their yellowish to greenish appearance; hence the name “green dragon”. These are alcohol-based extracts can easily be titrated and measured. First-timers can ensure easy absorption of marijuana by placing 1 milliliter of the tincture below the tongue. They should increase gradually over a period of time when they feel the need of a higher dosage because increasing it instantly could produce side effects that can make their condition worse.


Those that are applied directly on the screen and can be in the form of oils, lotions, or balms belong to the topical marijuana category. Aside from the treatment of pain, topical marijuana helps reduce muscle tension and soreness brought about by arthritis and movement disorders.
MMJ Canada is the Face of retail marijuana in Canada today. We have been helping patients who want to make most of the health benefits of medical marijuana since 2013.

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