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The Victim’s Guide: How to React When You’re a Victim of DUI of Alcohol Accident

Being involved in an accident just like the one in Maryland which killed two women is pretty stressful. What adds to the stress of the victim is the feeling of finding out that a drunk driver is the one who causes the crash.

This type of accident is one of the most distressing and complicated ones. It’s normal if the victim is not quite sure of what to do after being involved in a DUI (Drunk Under the Influence) accident.

What are the types of damages in a drunk driving accident?

If you’re thinking of filing a personal injury claim after the crash, you may ask what damages are available for you. These are two types of costs:

 Special damages – these costs are to compensate the economic losses the victim experienced after suffering from such event like medical bills and lost time at work.

General damages – these are the costs used to expiate the victim if he or she is physically and mentally hurt. This type of damage can be pretty hard to get as this is reasonably broad.

Here are some tips when you’re a victim of this kind of event:

  • Don’t be so quick in resolving it.

Since being involved in this type of situation is stressful, some victims tend to settle it without any complaints, or if there is, it’s pretty quick to resolve. Sometimes, when you end it right away, you tend to get less than what you truly deserve.

  • Talk to an attorney specializing in cases like this.

When you don’t get what you need and deserve, sometimes, recovering from such accident can be a little difficult. In such instances, you need to talk to a DUI defense attorney that specializes in this type of cases.


Being a victim of a car accident is not a joke. The effects can be as severe as getting serious injuries. However, if you know how to react or what to do after such incident, your recovery will be much more convenient and faster than it is when you’re totally clueless.

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