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What You Need To Know About Ticks And Fleas

The first thing you should know is that ticks and fleas go together like birds and bees, but, they are in fact, very different. To be able to protect your dog from these parasites, first, you need to have a vet who you trust, and a good example of such a veterinary hospital is the Gordon Vet Hospital, who cares about you and your furry friends.

Pests that feed on your pets

The warm and soft fur that your cats and dogs have are just the perfect environment for ticks and fleas. These parasites will feed on the blood of your pet, and they can cause health problems; from serious tick-borne illness to simple allergic reactions. These insects are more common during the warmer months, but there is a way to keep them away at any time.

Flea infestations can be dangerous

Flea warning signs: dogs

If your dog has short fur, it will be easier to tell because he will have flea droppings, which will show as dark specks in the fur. You can also encounter flea eggs, which will show as white specks in the fur. Another way you can tell that your dog has fleas is the change in his actions, as he will start to excessively lick and scratch while making scabs and hot spots on his skin.

Pay attention to the usual signs, like scratching

Flea warning signs: cats

The easiest way that you will be able to find fleas on your cat, is to simply use a flea comb. Fleas tend to appear mostly on the base of the tail, neck, and sometimes on the belly. You will also be able to see the flea droppings and eggs, and sometimes hair loss will also be a sign of flea infestation.

Fleas can cause a lot of problems

Since fleas are able to take 15 times the amount of their own blood, this can cause our pets to lose blood and become anemic, which is a dangerous drop of red blood cells. This is quite often with puppies and kittens, so be sure to look for the usual signs: pale gums and the lack of energy. There is also a possibility of having an allergic reaction to fleas, as they are the most common for skin diseases.

Ticks warning signs

Unlike with fleas, ticks are much easier to be spotted, as you can also feel them when you pet your dog or cat. They are usually seen near the head, ears, paws or neck of your dog while on cats, they like to nest themselves around their eyes and ears. In addition, ticks carry a lot of diseases, which is why the tick should be removed off of your pet as soon as possible.

How to safely remove ticks

You should not use a hot match, petroleum jelly, nail polish, alcohol or gasoline since these methods can force the fluids back into the bite. Instead, you should put on a pair of gloves to cover your hands and grasp the tick from the side as close to the skin as you can, with tweezers. Then, you should pull it straight up and not twist or squeeze it, because it may pop.

Final word

While there are many ways you can get rid of ticks and fleas by yourself, you should still contact your vet, and if you do not have one, try the Gordon Vet best flea and tick treatment for dogs. There, you will get all of your questions answered by good veterinarians.

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