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Why an Assisted Living Franchise Opportunity is a Timely Business

Assisted living franchise opportunities has been ranked as one of the most viable business ventures globally, despite the prevailing financial uncertainty. Assisted living services aim to offer a safe, healthy and independent lifestyle by offering meals, transportation, housekeeping, and supervision to residents who require help in their day to day activities. This article will highlight why assisted living franchise opportunity is a profitable business.

A Timely and Financial Profitable Venture

More than one million Americans are estimated to live in about 20,000 assisted living facilities. Nowadays, the average Baby Boomer is around 65 years old. This ageing Baby Boomer population is pointers to the potential business prospects the assisted living facility presents.

The Baby Boomer phenomena have led to the unprecedented growth in the senior citizen’s market in the country today, one that has never happened before. Thanks to improved health care, education and technology, more people can live healthier and longer lives. This, in turn, has led to a potential boom in the number of senior citizens which the market is struggling to cater for just yet. Furthermore, by just analyzing the available statistics, it makes perfect business sense to invest and own an assisted living facility due to the teeming ageing population, and advances in medical technology that guarantee longer life span

Services offered in assisted living facilities include social and recreational activities, personal laundry services, transportation, meals, housekeeping, on-site salon and spa, dementia services and memory care. In addition, these facilities may seek to offer medical and health care services like dressing, bathing, walking, emergency call systems, and toileting amongst others. However, you should remember that some of these services are excluded from the Medicare and Health insurance service coverage.  Some residents are not necessarily in need of critical assistance with their day to day lives, but seek company, looking to live a stress free life. They alo don’t have to worry of maintaining a home. Some others may need supervision periodically and help in taking their medication while some others may just desire a serene and can cool atmosphere where they can be properly looked after.

All in all, taking up an assisted living franchise opportunity is all you need to make a living. Give elders a life full of meaning and make more money with assisted living franchise opportunity.

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