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Why can we not mix alcohol with Anavar?

Before using any steroid, you must know some basics rules and regulations that need to be followed. For instance, nobody should consume alcohol while they are on their Anavar cycle. The reason behind is that they are both known to be metabolized by the liver, and could increase the strain of detoxification pathways, when used in combination.

Doctors caution individuals when they prescribe medications limitation with alcohol. Similarly, you must never combine alcohol and Oxandrolone because their reaction could be dangerous.

Many bodybuilders or athletes take drugs illegally and scoffs at the warnings given through medication. They feel that they are young or strong, so the side effects won’t happen to them. However, before engaging in risky behavior you must know the dangers of mixing Anavar, alcohol and drugs that are often used for stacking. Some of the side effects could be minor, but there are also deadly effects that you need to avoid.

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Anavar with alcohol and other drugs

Everyone should know that mixing prescription drugs with alcohol is risky. Some people feel that a little bit if the alcohol won’t leave a negative impact on Anavar. However, mixing the two together could produce unexpected side effects and reactions to some.

One of the common concerns of medical professions is the impact that any anabolic steroid can leave on liver. The prescription drugs and reactions for the ones under medical supervision must be monitored for negative impact or organ functioning. Alcohol metabolizes in the liver and mixing both together can result in a lot of pressure on the liver for metabolizing both drug and alcohol together. High levels of both could lead to a condition of liver toxicity.

After accessing various bodybuilding forums, websites, and discussions groups, there seems to be mixed opinion about mixing Oxandrolone with alcohol and also with other drugs as a stack. Some are often told that they can use it correctly and in moderation, and if the person is healthy, it would be okay to have a drink or two.

Of course, this type of alcohol consumed gives a proof and the size of such drinks can also depend on personal reactions to anabolic steroids or alcohol in general. The experienced drinkers can metabolize alcohol relatively quickly and leave little effects. However, people, who are not used to drinking, can have more of the side effects. This is also same with someone who hasn’t been frequent with steroids.

It is essential to use everything in the right proportion. From anabolic steroids to alcohol, if you consume everything in proportion, you might be on the safer side. Overusing the drugs can lead onto unexpected side effects. One person’s age, metabolism, weight and endocrine function can lead to metabolizing the drug or the drink in the body.

We would still suggest you to never combine alcohol and Oxandrolone no matter how less you can drink or how little your dosage could be. It is better to be on the safer side than regret.

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