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Why is 3 Days Accommodation needed for Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure of cosmetic surgery is one of the most important concerns for the cosmetic surgeon as it needs extra care and consciousness at each step of the procedure. The procedure of hair transplant in Jaipur is mainly felicitated with the comfort and hygiene free atmosphere, which is provided by the topmost hair transplant clinic/centre of Jaipur (Rajasthan) in India. Since the job of the procedure is just a single day, but the pre-and post- operative care is required to ensure them about the success of the hair transplant procedure. The pre- and post-operative care is provided by the most of the recognized hair transplant clinics to assist the patient with utmost care and satisfaction. There is the need to reach the clinic one day before to get an assessment by the hair transplant surgeon about each aspect of your physical status that assures a surgeon about your fitness to the surgery.

Why is Three Days accommodation needed for the hair transplant procedure?

The hair transplant procedure needs the pre-and post-operative care from the assessment of the patient till the completion of the procedure. And, it is advised by the Surgeon to stay in the clinic, especially for the outpatients to get the best way of the surgery with the available rooms in the clinic along with all the needed benefits and care.

  1. A prior blood test is needed: Since your health status should be known by your surgeon before the procedure in order to avoid the chances of infection and any sort of complications. The blood sugar test, blood pressure check-up is some of the pre-tests are required before the hair transplant surgery.
  2. A pre-planning, assessment & face to face Communication are necessary: It is mandatory to reach clinic one day before to get the proper assessment of the Doctor and gets familiar with the atmosphere in order to cope with the anxiety or tension if any! It is expected from the patients that they will take the proper rest at night so that the procedure would easily start early in the morning. The face to face communication with your doctor/surgeon is also needed, which will sort your queries regarding the procedural step and the pre-planning aspects.
  3. A proper Head wash just after the Procedure: The next day after the hair transplant procedure, it is required to give the proper head wash to the patient for removing the dirt and avoiding the bacterial infection as the slight swelling and soreness appears after the procedure. It is advisable that the quite gentle head wash should be done because the swelling, numbness and soreness refrain you from the direct touch of the scalp.
  4. Postoperative Observation: The postoperative observation is a needed part of the hair transplant procedure to know about the immediate development after the surgery. It is very common to get the effect of the procedure as a result of scalp numbness, soreness and swelling just after the procedure but must be correctly evaluated by the surgeon to avoid the chances of infection and discomfort.

The facilities & amenities which are provided by the topmost Hair Transplant clinics of Jaipur are as follows:

  • Well-equipped & comfortable room

Some of the topmost hair transplant clinics of Jaipur are providing the spacious, well-ventilated air-conditioned rooms for the patient facilitated with all the required care and comfort. The recognized hair transplant clinics seriously follow the American standard of hygienic measure in order to make the clinical surrounding an infection free and adaptable to the surgical environment.

  • Patient Assistance at each step: The topmost hair transplant clinics of Jaipur also assist the patients regarding the city tour, as the Jaipur is a famous tourist destination and are very popular among the foreign tourists. After completion of the procedure, the clinic executives assist the patient in order to identify the particular way for roaming in the city, a part of the medical tourism in this pink city of India.


On the whole, we can say that the three days accommodation is fruitful for the outpatients if they want to roam in this historical city of India. Jaipur is the topmost destination for the medical tourism as the procedure of hair transplant in this city are very peculiar in terms of the availability of the world’s best Surgeons and recognized hair transplant centers.

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